How I Became Interested In Art


I was always interested in art. However, my earliest memory is of my mom showing me how to color. It was in first or second grade when I got second place in a coloring contest. I also remember the way I loved to embellish my notebooks with drawings and illustrations throughout my school years. My fourth grade teacher, Ms. DiBucci, noticed my talent and interest and suggested I attend Saturday morning Tam 'O Shanter art classes at the Carnegie Museum; and so I did.


The Lord blessed me with some incredible art teachers in my life: Mr. Fitzpatrick at the museum, Fred de Groot at Central Catholic High School, Herb Olds and Professor Libby at CMU. Mr. de Groot is my favorite of all time, though. I had him all four years at Central and he really knew how to bring out the best in me as an artist. He also provided great emotional support for me during some of the tougher periods of my life, namely high school and even for sometime afterwards. I leaned on him a lot. He always made me feel welcome to stop by the art room whenever I wanted. Unfortunately, I have lost touch with him and recently heard his health is not good.


These days, I get my inspiration, my emotional support, my everyday purpose from our Lord Jesus Christ. I never thought I'd be saying that, but, it is so very true and becomes more and more apparent every day. My faith is growing and I'm trusting Him more every day. My gifts as an artist are blessings from Him and I delight in the creative experiences I have as a result.

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