The Catch... And The Memories That Come Along With It

5/17/2017  By: Brandon Uddstrom

I know just about everyone who watched the Super Bowl in 2009 probably has their own story to tell. Yet, no matter what side you were rooting for, or even if you had no side and simply wanted to take part in the annual spectacle, one thing was for certain: it was one hell of a ride. The victor wasn't easily predicted due to historic swerves not soon forgotten.

I was with one side of my family, all together, all crowded into an apartment watching the Steelers battle the Cards for supremacy. Sure, I had already seen the black and gold take a Lombardi in my lifetime, but, this one would go on to be very different for many other reasons. At first, it was because I could still hear our cheers weeks later, let out after Holmes made the game-winning catch in unbelievable fashion. It was exhilarating, it was communal. Hell, we were champs! And not just champs, the ONLY team to covet six rings at that point (and still to this day). Yet, years later, it would go on to mean much more than what could be found within the confines of the sport. In December of 2012, my grandpa passed away; we called him Pap. The man loved sports. I can remember, however, watching a commercial marketing hot sauce during this game, where a mosquito sucked the blood of a man who was sitting, eating on his front porch. Seconds later, the pesky insect flies off, only to blow up because of the hot sauce consumed by the man. A once-crowded living room emptied with only us two left- my Pap and I, cackling at the advert. The memory of him lived inside this painting; the original now painted over. This was a 5'x3' mural painted on my bedroom wall. Yet, now, it lives on, here.

It represents more than sports, or who won what. Sure, on the surface, it represents a scene befitting the cover of Sports Illustrated; the reason I wanted it to begin with. It goes much deeper than that, however. It's all about family and the good times we had.


And it's certainly NOT about the play-clock inaccurately reflecting how much time was left at the time of the actual catch (my bad).

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