Ways I Could Improve


I always seek to improve each time I begin a piece. I strive to create a masterpiece every time. This way I can make sure each work is perfect! I could probably take more art classes and study more art books and maybe some day I will be led that way and I don't want to rule that out, but, I have a pretty good foundation of fundamentals to build upon. Improvement comes from other people's art, from children and novices to works by those who are considered masters. From there, I try to incorporate those ideas or techniques into my work.


That being said, I know I improve most by becoming more and more in touch with divine inspiration. I don't like to begin a piece without having a vision or a sense of how I want to approach it or complete it. All of my best work just kind of flows without effort. I can't take credit for my work, however. I'm just wanting and waiting to see what the Lord is guiding me to do. With Him at the helm, how can my art be anything less than perfect?

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